After Care Information


Eye Lash Extension Pre and Post Care Information 

Want your clients to be completely satisfied with their lash extensions?

Download the mache PROFESSIONAL Pre & Post Lash Extension Care PDF and follow our simple steps to longer lasting lashes. 

Lash Tip of the Week

Want your clients to feel like a VIP? Here what we recommend, For every new lash client, be sure to educate them on the maintenance procedures so they can be truly satisfied with their new lash extensions. Print out an after care form and if you really want to impress, include a mache PROFESSIONAL lash brush with their application as a gift. We recommend brushing the lashes from the top first, then from underneath and usually only once a day. 

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Hair Extension After Care Information 

Hair extensions are an accessory and not part of your natural hair, therefore you need to take a couple of extra steps when maintaining them to ensure they stay looking healthy and intact.

To help look after your hair extensions mache PROFESSIONAL has a number of tips for maintaining and styling your hair extensions so you can keep your cool and look your best. 

Download mache PROFESSIONAL's Hair Extension After Care Information PDF                                                  

After Care Tip of The Week 

Use a Loop Brush on your hair extensions, the specially designed loops are soft and avoid damaging or becoming tangled in the bonds. It also allows you to brush between the bonds with out pulling on your natural hair. NEVER brush your hair extensions when wet, this can stretch and snap the hair shortening the life of your silky smooth hair extensions.  

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