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                                                                               mâché PROFESSIONAL Hair Extensions

All of mâché PROFESSIONAL hair is REMY, meaning all of the hair is facing in the same direction allowing it to be treated as your own natural hair, whilst remaining silky and tangle free.

mâché PROFESSIONAL hair is 100% human with NO synthetic or foreign hair added – This means you can cut, curl, straighten, style and colour your hair extensions just like your own hair. It is recommend that you see a professional for any hair colouring and lightening with bleach is not advised.

mâché PROFESSIONAL hair is double drawn, This is the process where the shorter hair is removed to ensure the extensions are thick all the way to the ends, This is checked twice during the manufacturing process to ensure your extensions appear full and thick all the way to the ends.

mâché PROFESSIONAL supplies one length extensions at 22inches allowing you to cut your extensions to your desired length or leave it long. For best results we recommend having your hair extensions style cut by a professional and while they are in your hair to ensure the perfect blend.

mâché PROFESSIONAL hair extensions are superior quality allowing the hair extensions to be reused for up to 12 months (and even longer for clip in / non permanent extension styles) unlike other cheap imported hair extensions that are regularly thrown out, saving you time, money and maintaining satisfaction. 

All mâché PROFESSIONAL hair extensions and products are ethically sourced – meaning the individual hair donor is financially rewarded directly; not the ‘middle man’, large companies or temples. Mache professional also follows the fair hair trade; ensuring all those involved in the process are treated under fair conditions. 

mâché PROFESSIONAL is about creating a sustainable product; Remember – Human hair extensions are grown (not synthetically manufactured) which can take some individuals up to 3 years to reach desired lengths for extensions, and if cheap imports, made with inferior manufacturing  processes, continue to flood the market the price of hair extensions will dramatically increase as the availability decreases.

Tape Hair Extensions

Tape Hair Extensions are applied by attaching 4cm wide taped strips to either side of your natural hair sections, resulting in the extensions being so flat the wearer cant even feel them. A full head will take around 45 minutes to apply. These hair extensions can be worn for up to 8 weeks before needing to be re-applied. The hair is re-usable if properly looked after; it is great for all hair types’ especially very fine hair and short hair. A full head will require approximately 40 tape hair extensions.  

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